For over 20 years video and training have been my passions and my profession. In the past, producing video has been expensive and highly technical. That’s all changed with the advent of the iPhone coupled with some great Apps, add-on devices, and the massive growth in social media. Now, anyone who understands how, can make and produce their own videos - perfect for the web.

My straightforward nuts and bolts iPhone Video Course shows you how and reveals some of the tricks of trade the pros use.

You can make low cost, high quality videos yourself -

  • to promote your business
  • lift your profile
  • start video blogging
  • show your travels or sporting teams success
  • share with family and friends or potential customers
  • post these clips to your website or social media channels.

Updates to this site will be to reflect the dynamic nature of iPhone models, new capabilities, new Apps, new devices, and more simple techniques to help you make iPhone videos quicker, better, easier, with more impact.

Exercise your iPhone knowledge so you develop 'fitness for iFilming'.
Take up my challenge. Make an iPhone video every day for a month. Then compare the first and last, you'll be amazed!

David Blair, Grad. Dip. CBL